DevOps Days London: DevOps at Microsoft Engineering session

I have recently presented at DevOps Days London on the 19th of April 2016. It was an inspiring event with many presentations sharing DevOps culture stories, and an increasing focus on DevOps in the enterprise.

 My session covered a few DevOps culture topics that I identified from existing stories and presentations from Microsoft engineering as well as from internal conversations.

Check out the recording here:

The five topics in the session are:

  • Team Responsibilities - Merging the development and QA teams into 'software engineering' with all focusing on quality; bringing ops into the same org structure as engineering; creating feature teams with shared goals, and responsibilities.
  • Flighting Deployments - From a service like Visual Studio Team Services, to a mobile application like the OneDrive iOS mobile app, teams at Microsoft have realized the benefits of deployment rings, for controlled exposure and getting early feedback and experimentation 
  • Learning from customers: Direct Feedback -  From Office to Bing to Azure to mobile apps, giving customers an easy feedback form (like smiley/frowny icons in the app or website) and having User Voice or similar feedback venues helps develop a community, increase quality, and get customers closer to engineering teams
  • Idea Velocity -  Idea Velocity has been a big focus at Microsoft recently. At Bing, once their continuous delivery and testing at scale infrastructure was in place, they focused on allowing anyone in the team to experiment and get their ideas tested. This empowers individuals, allows product decisions to be made from real customer data, and incentivizes creativity.
  • Learning from Customers: Experimentation & Telemetry - Finally, to complement the direct feedback, nothing is better than telemetry to help with issues and to also help with making product decisions. 

The slides are here: